Vegan lentil curry / Recipe

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Vegan “Flaky Donuts” with Blackberry-Cream Cheese Filling and Lemon Glaze / Recipe


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the colours of the iceberg

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Gluten free Mediterranean Pasta / Recipe

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"Go find yourself first
So you can also find me."

- Rumi  (via twofortuesday)

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Vaisakhi 1699, Guru Gobind Singh made a revolutionary move.

He gave us our royalty.

My brothers were made Singhs, princes in my Father’s Court,

My sisters were elevated high to Kaurs:

Kaur from the Rajasthani Kanwar or Kauwar

Kaur denoting an heir to the throne

Kaur who rises among the Singhs as an equal,

Yet we have let our Pitaa Ji down. 

My sisters have been subjugated and many subjugate themselves.

I see a hierarchy made of women

Based on what they choose to wear on their heads.

Have you forgotten that we are the faith of Sangat?

Opening ourselves up to the entire community,

No matter what their personal practices are?

Have you forgotten that we are the faith of Pangat?

Where prince and pauper sit side by side as equals,

Where there is no low,

Where there is no high, but the Highest One?

Have you forgotten why the Khalsa was sent down?

Have you forgotten our vow to not tolerate subjugation?

Then how can you judge a sister solely on how she looks?

You judge her for her makeup,

But you do not see her love for her Guru.

You judge her for letting down her hair,

But you do not see the hours of seva she has done.

You judge her for not wearing a dastaar,

Yet you yourself have not looked into your own inequities.

Here’s a fact that will shock you:


We fail, yes, yet we strive.

Sikhi is path, not a destination.

A Kaur does not have one static look, yet she is a testament to a pluralistic yet united group of fierce women:

My sister with her beautiful hair let down is a Kaur,

My sister with her hair in a majestic bun is a Kaur,

My sister with her regal dupatta sitting on her head is a Kaur,

My sister with her rumaal tied proudly is a Kaur,

My sister with her dumalla hailing the Glory of Guru is a Kaur.

I will not stand for anyone who judges a sister due to her looks.

I will not stand for anyone telling her she is not a Kaur.

I will not stand for anyone telling her she cannot be happy with herself.

Being a Kaur is not about the appearance:

It is about declaring self-sovereignty,

It is about self-empowerment,

It is a state of mind.

I will forever stand for my sisters’ right to be exactly who she is on her own terms, and if that makes me a manmukh in your eyes, so be it.

My Guru is too loving and too open for the possibility of His Panth to be so narrow and so close-minded.

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"It is ordained that a Sikh carries weapons, but having weapons doesn’t make him a killer. I have never praised anyone for killing a human being, but as for the killing a cruel man…"

- Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale (via dil-apna-punjabi)

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